Fluent Speech AI

Breaking Barriers: Enabling Personalized Speech Analysis and Support with Fluent Speech AI for Stuttering

Under the supervision of Signal and Speech Processing Lab
K. N. Toosi University of Technology

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1. User-Friendly Voice Recording Interface

The website offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for recording voices. This ensures that users can easily capture their speech samples for analysis without technical hurdles.

2. Recorded Voice Quality

website allows users to review and ensure the accuracy of their recorded voice before submission by providing a playback option. This feature enables users to identify any issues with their speech and make necessary adjustments.

3. Real-time Analysis Feedback

During voice recording, website offers real-time feedback on repetition and prolongation regions. This instant feedback helps users become aware of their speech patterns and make immediate adjustments.

1. Voice Playback and Looping

Users can listen to their recorded voices and have the option to loop specific regions. This functionality allows users to focus on problem areas and practice until they achieve better clarity and fluency.

2. Voice History Access

Provided platform provides users with the ability to access their voice recordings from past sessions. This feature allows users to track their progress over time and observe improvements.

3. Progress Tracking and Reporting

Users can track their progress over time through detailed reports generated by the website. These reports highlight improvements in speech patterns and provide valuable insights for users to work on specific areas.

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Focus Ability

Users can select either repetition or prolongation as their chosen disability to view the graph report, highlighting their unique focus ability.

Playback Audio

Playback audio allows users to repeatedly listen to their recorded voice, enabling them to review and assess their recordings with ease.

Zoom Power

With Zoom Power, users can effortlessly adjust the display of the recorded voice, seamlessly maximizing or minimizing it to suit their preference.

Speed Rate

Playback Rate empowers users to control the speed of their recorded voice playback, with the flexibility to range from half the normal speed to a swift 4x acceleration.

Loop Ability

Loop Ability lets users replay the detected disability segments, promoting in-depth analysis for focused assessment.

Count Disabilities

the ability to view the tally of detected repetitions and prolongations within recorded voice, offering valuable insights into speech patterns.